Thursday, 4 June 2015

5 Day Meal Planning

I often get asked what my meal plan looks like. Am I starving myself to be fit and lean ? Am I constantly avoiding delicious foods? Is the food I eat bland and boring?.... The answer is HECK NO!! I love the way I eat and there is so much variety to eating clean. Spicing up your food and getting creative would be my number one tip!! So I figured What the heck! I'd share with you all a Day in the life of Christina :) 

Here is an Example of my 5 Day Meal Prep! 

Nutrition is such a vital part of our weight loss and weight maintenance journey, and having it broken down so easily is why I was SOOO intrigued a year ago and got started with the 21 Day Fix in the first place. I actually was tempted to try the FIX long before I was a coach too! Each container is a different size and is color-coded.  Each color corresponds with a certain food group.  You do a quick formula once to figure out the number of each container you need to eat every day, then you fill the containers with the food you love and go about your day.  It's so simple.  

Did I mention how much food you eat on this program??  I love it.  I love not feeling like I'm starving myself or cutting calories.  I've never been one to count calories or points, or to eliminate carbs or meats from my diet. Until my bikini Competition last year, I literally ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and just prayed it would not reflect me physically.   Instead, this program is about healthier eating in the right combination to fuel our bodies.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again...  

The healthier the food we put into our body is, the better results we will get out of the program . Also, as evident from this program, We are able to eat MORE food too.

It's true.  There have been people who have only followed the 21 Day Fix meal plan (without doing the workouts) and have lost weight.  Why? Because their bodies are getting what they need.  It's clean food so they burn it off easily and efficiently.  There aren't any preservatives, artificial sugars, or chemicals to weed through.  Your body gets TOP OF THE LINE nutrition from the second it hits your stomach.  And honestly, there's a lot to be said for cooking your own food at home and knowing exactly what you and your family are eating. 

Here is another sample meal plan I used for 21 Day Fix Extreme !

That being said... Adding in a 30 minute workout every day will only dramatically help your results and help you feeling slim for summer! Exercise revs up your metabolism, gets your blood pumping and tones up your body! 

Abs are Made in the Kitchen...But Created in the Gym 

This month I will be hosting an EXCLUSIVE 21 Day SLIM FOR SUMMER Challenge!! 
I would absolutely LOVE for you to participate and see what all the hype is about! 
Each and every challenger that signs up in the Month of June with me will receive a $20 Victoria Secret Gift Card for their new summer bathing suit <3
For more info Email : Christina Klein 
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