Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Free Self Love & Wellness Bootcamp

Join me for a *FREE* 7 Day Self Love & Wellness Bootcamp!! 

I am so excited to share with everyone some of the tips I've learned throughout my health journey the past 2 years!! For one week we will hold each other accountable and work together to become healthier through your Body, Soul and Mind♡

I will be sharing: 

♡ Meal Plan & Calendar ♡
♡ Grocery List & Tips ♡
♡ Healthy & Delicious Recipes ♡ 

♡ Self Love & Confidence tools♡
♡ Daily Workouts ♡
♡ Prizes & Fun 

WE start NEXT Monday February 22nd!! To get signed up follow this link and make me your 


 I will then send over the details of our Bootcamp  !!

Workout Videos

If you have been following my social media for a little while now, you may have noticed a bit of a different look to my feed! From popular request I have brought back Workout clips!! Mostly inspired by the Beachbody workouts I do daily!! Inspired from the 21 Day Fix, Body Beast, Hammer & Chisel, Body Beast, Piyo and more!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts, requests and if you ever have questions about my posts!!

If your would like support with a full program you can do at home too please don't be a stranger!!! We can absolutely get you set up for success and in the right direction towards your goals :) 

P.S. Please don't mind my partner in crime and mini me jumping into the workouts! We have so much fun creating these!!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Coach Sneak Peek - The Coach Life


Join me for a 100% No strings attached 5 day backstage pass into my Coaching business! We start TUESDAY!!

I have gotten a crazy amount of questions lately from people asking what exactly I do for a living ! Well here it is ... And YOU can be a part of it. I'm taking on 10 new go getters to mentor for my coach apprenticeship this month. This is a great opportunity for those who are even a little curious about building their own biz from home.
Comment below with your email address if you would like more details OR email me at 💌ChristinaKleinFitness@gmail.com

Be a fly on the wall ! This is your opportunity to sneak into our team and learn about what we do as coaches.
What You Can Expect in this group:
- Daily 5-10 min Videos from me , explaining my daily life as a coach.
- I will walk you through all the big questions about this business in detail
Listen, I was the BIGGEST skeptic....
Ill be answering ALL your questions including:
- How does a coach earn money?
- What a Coach does?
- Who can be a Coach?
- Is Coaching a Scam? - Is Coaching a Pyramid Scheme?
- How to be Successful at coaching?
- How much a Coach earns
- Whats the Average Income potential of a new coach?
- My Beachbody Salary .
- What coaching can do for you and your family...
and how being a coach on Team Elite Vitality benefits you heart emoticon
*18+ and must be US or Canadian GO GETTERS!
This is definitely not some get rich quick thing. You get out of it what you put in! I cannot guarantee any level of success or income from the Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

From my first hand experience.. your hard work will pay off!! I have been able to create the life of my dreams in less then 2 short years and am so grateful to have the opportunity to share my story in this sneak peek & pay it forward to YOU smile emoticon
Click the link below and JOIN for FREE!!
There will be prizes smile emoticon !!
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