Monday, 31 August 2015

Healthy Lemon Shrimp Pasta

I still can't believe I eat shrimp let alone any sea food!!! Growing up... Even though on the west coast of Canada where sea food, salmon and fishing is the norm, I NEVER ate seafood. I felt it was icky and creepy LOL!! But last year while competing in my first Bikini Competition I was challenged to try new foods, leaner proteins = FISH! Turns out so far my appetite is only open to shrimp, cod and tilapia but HEY... That's a start right!!!

So my new love for "white" fish + my love for healthy food + my love for experimenting with yummy flavours, brought this delicious recipe to my dinner table this evening!!  Hope you enjoy as much as we did ( Even my little 2 year old Kennedy! )

Hearty, Filled with Flavour & Love !


- 2 pounds Shrimp
- 1/2 Cup of chopped of parsley
- 2 Tbs of Coconut Oil
- Half a lemon
- 4 garlic cloves
- 1 Tbs capers
- 3 Dashes of black pepper
- 1 Tsp of Cayenne
- 1 Tsp Himalayan Salt

1 Bag of Gluten Free Linguini

- Heat up skillet to medium heat
- Add Coconut oil and garlic until aromatic, not browned
- Peel off shells of medium size shrimp, rinse and add to pan in a single layer
- Add half of a lemon juice, parsley, cayenne, himalayan salt, pepper and capers
- Saute until shrimp is cooked

- Boil Gluten Free Pasta
- Drain and Rinse

Combine in a bowl, dish out and serve immediately !
You can add cherry tomatoes for a different variety as well :)

Sunday, 30 August 2015

7 Day FREE Clean Eating Challenge

Clean Eating Challenge

Join me for a Free Clean Eating Challenge from Monday, September 7th- 13th !!

Is this what your meal prep looks like?? Would you like it too? We will work together for one week in a private Facebook group!!   

Here is what is included in the 7 Day Challenge:
- 7 Day Meal Plan 
- Full Meal Prep Guide and How to's
- Recipes for every single meal and a few extras!
- Shopping Lists
- Smoothie recipe ideas for easy on the go mornings!
Best practices and tips 
- At home mini workouts (No Equipment Required) 
- Fitness Tips 
- Team Accountability & Support 
- Measurement and Progress Tracker
- So much more!!!


* If I am already your free Coach then please message me on Facebook and say CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE

* You will receive a welcome email by Saturday September 5th with more details !

Saturday, 8 August 2015

10 Tips For A Healthier Weekend

10 ways to help everyone keep accountable and on track on the weekends... Including ME!!! I shared these tips with the ladies in my current Monthly Challenge group and they were a HUGE hit!! thought I would share the love , if this could help one more person keep on track towards their goals then I am one HAPPY Coach :) !

1. Squeeze in a longer workout. The best part of the weekend is that you have more free time. So while you might not be able to squeeze in a 30-minute run over lunch during the week, you can use the weekend to go for a longer run at a beautiful park nearby. Use the weekend as a time to refresh your workout and get more activity in without feeling rushed.

2. Eat like it's a weekday. When you think about it, it doesn't really make much sense to eat differently on the weekend than you do during the week—especially if your food choices during the week keep you fueled and energized. It can be easy to skip meals on the weekend and then make up for it later by overindulging at dinner. So, make a point to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner while sitting down. Pack snacks for when you're on the go, and follow a schedule just like you would during the week. Your body will thank you!

3. Stick to your usual sleep schedule. Are you someone who has a firm bedtime during the week only to stay up late and sleep in on the weekends? Changing your sleep patterns could throw off your schedule (hard to eat breakfast when you get up at noon!), and could also interfere with weight loss. Just think of all those times you stayed up later than usual, got hungry and ended up eating something unhealthy! Changing your sleep schedule can also make it harder to fall asleep on Sunday night which could set you up for a tired Monday.

4. Get outdoors. Because most of us work indoors during the daylight hours, the weekend provides a nice opportunity to get outside, see the sun and connect with nature. Heading outside can boost your body's production of vitamin D, plus studies show that people are happier when they spend time out in nature. So, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

5. Fuel yourself for weekday success. Ask yourself honestly if you pushed yourself too hard with workouts or restricted your food or calories too much during the week. If so, come Friday, your body may be hungry and tired, which can lead to overeating and underexercising on the weekend. Remember to practice moderation every day, eating and exercising in a way that you can sustain for the long haul—not just a few days or weeks.

6. Limit your drinks. While many of us forgo the soda, beer and wine during the week, we loosen up over the weekend and drink more of our calories. Just remember that the calories in beverages can add up quickly if you're not careful. Go easy on the drinks, or try healthier drink swaps if you just can't forgo that fancy coffee or sweet tea on Saturday! Practice moderation when it comes to alcohol, too. Just because you were "good" during the week doesn't mean that it's OK to make up for that with one night of all-out binge drinking. Here's what you need to know about fitting alcohol into a healthy diet.

{ Try Infusing your water with some yummy fruit!! }

7. Plan for relaxation. Most of us are busy during the week and even our weekends seem to become non-stop errands, chores, work and travel. So how do you find time to relax? Take the whole weekend (or at least part of it) to schedule some downtime for at least an hour or two. Whether it's practicing your favorite hobby, seeing a movie with friends or even meditating quietly, do something every weekend that recharges you. You'll not only feel better, but also beat stress (which may also ) help you drop a few pounds.

8. Break the on-again, off-again diet mentality. If you have a history in yo-yo dieting, make sure that you're not alternating between being "good" and "bad" throughout the course of a week. View the weekend as time for you—not a time to rebel or "cheat" on your diet and exercise plan. Remember that being at a healthy weight is about sustainable healthy lifestyle changes, not just a diet and exercise plan that you can maintain Monday through Friday. Revisit your goals and recommit to making healthy and realistic choices every day that set you up for success in the long term.

9. Weigh in Monday morning. If you need extra help being accountable over the weekend, schedule your weekly weigh-in for Monday morning. Knowing that you'll step on the scale at the start of the week can help you to stay accountable and be more aware of your weekend choices.

10. Plan for the week ahead. What better way to stay healthy on the weekend than by using your extra time to continue to set yourself up for success? Take a Sunday afternoon or evening to plan your meals, hit the grocery store, and do some big batch cooking for the week ahead. That way, when your busy week gets even busier, you'll already be ahead of the curve and able to stay on track! Don't forget about laundering your workout clothes, packing your workout clothing bag, and getting prepared for workouts, too.

11. Join my next Monthly Challenge Group for accountability to myself and a team of amazing ladies all cheering you on and helping you keep on track ! Email me at for details on my upcoming challenge!

Follow these ideas to get on a healthy track this weekend, and revisit this list to stay healthy for many more weekends to come!
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