Thursday, 17 September 2015

5 Tips to get Motivation to Workout

Ever feel like you just can't find the motivation to workout... I know I sure do. But these 5 tips are my main go-to's !! Plus... I always feel 10 times more energized post workout!!! 

Tip # 1 Music , music is a great motivator !! Before during and even after your workout. Create a playlist that encourages or boosts you up!! I even love listening to some good old Arny motivation speaking sometimes!

Tip # 2 - Find a picture of your motivation!! Or create a motivation wall with inspiring quotes and goals for yourself. You can also mentally picture yourself of exactly where you want to be. This is where positive thinking comes in! 

Tip #3 - Find some accountability from a friend, tell your family what your up to , or even a coach like me! Accountability will help you keep on track!! Having a community atmosphere around you will be amazing encouragement! 

Tip # 4- Find a workout that is intriguing and fun for you!! Everyone is unique and different workouts are going to appeal to different people! If you love dancing try a zumba class or Cize workout! If you love calmer slow paced workouts, try yoga, pilates or Piyo! If you like getting in and out and having a fast efficient workout something like HIIT training or the 21 day fix or insanity could be fore you . 

Tip # 5 - Fuel your body with nutritious foods and water!!! When your eating clean, whole foods like lean protein, veggies, fruit and complex carbs. Your body is being fueled to burn energy!! Toss the junk and skip the drive through. Plan your week ahead with meal prep and stock your fridge and pantry with foods that will help you feel good from the inside out!! 

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  1. Finding a moment to meditate each day can be really motivational too. I don't mean sitting down for hours thinking necessarily, but just closing your eyes and letting everything else in your life fade away so that you can focus on your immediate fitness goal. Sometimes it feels like there are too many things to achieve, so break it down.

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness


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